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Any Easy Way to Play Modes

If you are overwhelmed by all the scale patters that can be played on the guitar, this will interest you. There is a single fingering pattern for the major scale that you can use all over the fretboard. I call it the stretch pattern, other call it the spread pattern. No matter what you call…


Lesson 1: Two Octave Major Scale from 6th String

The Stretch-box pattern can be used to play any Major scale anywhere on the fretboard. This post show how to use this pattern to play a two-octave run beginning on the 6th string. The diagram below shows the pattern as a single octave beginning on G on the sixth string. The scale begins and ends…


Best Scale Pattern Ever

This is the first in a series of blog posts that describes a scale pattern that is versatile, easy to learn, and helps unlock the logic of the fretboard. I call it the Stretch-box pattern. When you know it, you will be able to understand and play every other scale you will ever encounter. The…