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Four Chords that Will Make You Rich

Axis of Awesome is doing its best to show us how we can be rock stars. Jordan, Benny, and Lee have made this video at least twice to drive home the point that there are only four chords in all of rock music. They adroitly show us how regular people like me and you have…


A Chord Formula is a Musical Recipe

A chord formula is musical numbering system that gives us a way of describing a chord without referring to specific notes. This is done by enumerating the intervals that make up a chord. For example, a Major 7th chord is made up of four notes and three intervals. A chord formula spells out the harmonic…


Chord Function vs. Chord Type

Many musicians will say the purpose of music is to stir human emotion. Others might say it is to take the listener on a journey. These may sound like the lofty utterances of a pinhead music teacher but it is true. Every genre of music does this – Rap, Country, Classical, Jazz, Pop. Whenever you…