Interactive Harmonized Major Scale Diagram

If you want to know what modes go with what chords, this interactive diagram is for you. It allows you to see the notes for every mode in every key and shows you the notes that make up the chords that are derived from a given mode.

This process of laying out a major scale and building modes and chords on each of its notes is called “harmonization.” Understanding the relationships between notes and chords is purview of music theory. You can spend your life studying it but if all you want to do is play and write some songs, this diagram will tell you what chords go with what keys and modes.

In fact, if playing and writing is what you want to do, you will want to know about the Harmonizer. It presents what you see here but goes much further to show you things like chord progressions, chord substitutions, and more.

I invite you to try out the harmonized Major scale interactive diagram and read more about the Harmonizer.


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