Landmark Chords: Identify any chord at sight

There is a special chord that can provide us a landmark to help us identify intervals on the guitar fretboard. If we know the intervals that make up this landmark chord, we can extrapolate other intervals we do not know. This is a very cool sounding chord and is often used in jazz. It is…


Lesson 1: Two Octave Major Scale from 6th String

The Stretch-box pattern can be used to play any Major scale anywhere on the fretboard. This post show how to use this pattern to play a two-octave run beginning on the 6th string. The diagram below shows the pattern as a single octave beginning on G on the sixth string. The scale begins and ends…


Best Scale Pattern Ever

This is the first in a series of blog posts that describes a scale pattern that is versatile, easy to learn, and helps unlock the logic of the fretboard. I call it the Stretch-box pattern. When you know it, you will be able to understand and play every other scale you will ever encounter. The…


Leaning music is like talking to dolphins…

…It would be fun if I could do It.

I am not a naturally gifted musician but I have found out some things that make me sound like one. I want learning music, especially the guitar, to be easier for everyone. I invite you to contribute your questions and comments.
Tom Michero