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Jazz House Concerts in Santa Rosa featuring artists from our own Bay Area Back Yard
Bringing living music to the daily lives of people is the intention and goal of a Music Hero. A Music Hero is about music making and awakening people to the deep well of happiness that is in all of us.
Learn to play any guitar chord on demand. No more searching through chord dictionaries, books and sheets. Discover the trick to mastering the fretboard and chord shapes.
Music Theory Online Lessons. Music Theory Help, Music Theory Tutorials and Free Online Video Lessons. Click to REALLY Learn Music Theory!
Lark In The Morning musical instrument and instructional material from all over the world.
Guitarist and composer James Gabriano is an artist who plays his instrument with the intensity of an August afternoon in Texas. As a guest at one of his live performances, you are quickly drawn to his "flamenco jazz" style.
History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring timeline, photos, festivals, glossary, guitar & piano chords, scales & online lessons.
We spend hours searching the web for great jazz videos so you don't have to.
Shop musical instruments including guitars, amps, drums, DJ gear, pro audio & more. Get the best choice, price & service guaranteed at Musician's Friend
John S. Kinnard is the master luthier with Guitars for sale/ guitar maker / manufaturer behind Dell Arte guitars and the John S. Kinnard guitar brands.