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The first piece of equipment installed in the music theory playground shows the harmonized major scale in every key.

In the near future this page will offer links to a wide range of music theory topics that can be approached interactively. Please visit often to see new additions.

There's more to come!

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Choose an interactive diagram. Click on any of the activities below to link to an interactive music theory topic.
harmonized major scale
Harmonized Major Scale
See the modes and chords of the Major scale.
major chord progressions
Major Chord Progressions
Explore the how chords work together to make music.
chord progression map
Chord Progression Map
Create scores of progressions for your own songs.
circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths
See easy-to-play chords in every key.
circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths for Jazz
See jazz guitar chords around the Circle in every key.
interval training
Interval Ear Training
Hear and see the tonal distance between notes.
chord tree
Chord Tree
See the notes and intervals that make up chords.
circle of fifths
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