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4-Note Chords & Inversions for Guitar
by Tom Michero

Learning chord inversions is just about the most important thing a jazz guitarist can learn. Guitarists who master chord inversions can tap in to the awesome harmonic riches the guitar has to offer.

Chord inversions are not for everybody. Learning them takes a certain commitment that many musicians are not willing to invest. However, for those guitarists who do, their efforts are well rewarded on stage and off.

If you want to play jazz, this book will get you there. This book shows inversions for 13 of the most important chords in jazz in a clear systematic way. That's 156 shapes but with as little as 30 minutes of practice a day the information in this book will give any guitarist a solid jazz-chord foundation in a very short time.

The paper edition is spiral-bound so it stays open to the page you want whether on a music stand or in your lap. All instruction books should be bound like this. However, if you'd like to print a copy from your own printer, the e-book edition is right for you. Dimensions: 8" x 11.5" Pages: 40


This book shows you:
13 of the most used chords in jazz
chord formulas
chord construction
chord inversions
chord theory
practical technique used by pros

4-note chords and inversion cover

$9.95 eBook Edition

Learn techniques for:
Adding harmonic variety
Creating chord melodies
Creating bass movement
Making chord changes efficiently

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For the Jazz Player

If you are serious about playing jazz guitar, this book is for you. There are plenty of books, charts, and websites that show basic guitar chords. Most of these chords have little use in jazz. This book, however, offers the specialize knowledge of chords the jazz guitarist needs. This book is designed to get you playing and sounding like a jazz guitarist as quick as possible.

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