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Chords and Arpeggios for the Improvisor

by Tom Michero

This book show you the guitar chords, arpeggios, and modes you need to know in order to be a better improvisor. It's only 56 pages, but this book offers a step-by-step system for mastering spontaneous musical expression like you've never seen.

It shows you five chord shapes for 36 different chords. When you consider there are 12 keys, this gives you 2,160 possible chords that you will have at your finger tips. But, it doesn't stop there. This book shows the arpeggios you need to know to be a top-notch improvisor.

You will learn how to "read" a chord based on intervals and notes. You will be introduced to the most common chords used in jazz, rock, and blues.

I took weeks of lessons with a professional guitar teacher and didn't get all this information. For the cost of one lesson you can have what you need to know to improvise, compose, and play error-free lead.

They say don't judge a book by its cover. But, I say judge a book by its binding. I've found that many how-to-books don't stay open to the page I want. It's maddening! The paper edition is spiral-bound so it stays open to the page you want whether on a music stand or in your lap. I believe all instruction books should be bound like this. However, if you'd like to print a copy from your own printer, the e-book edition is right for you. Dimensions: 8" x 11.5"

Chords and Arpeggios cover

$9.95 eBook Edition

This book shows

need-to-known guitar chords and their matching arpeggios.

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It's not rocket science. Anyone can improvise if they know basic arpeggio technique. This book shows how improvisors use chords, modes, and arpeggios in their playing. It is a great reference book you'll want to have. But, more than that, it shows you how you can take your playing to the next level.

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