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If you appreciate the art and science of music, these eBooks and apps are a good match your your learning style. These materials were developed for visual learners who are eager to improve their playing. Your musical curiosity will be richly rewarded through the clear explanations and easy-to-understand charts and diagrams these products offer. 

There is no substitute for practice.

Of course I'm going to tell you how great these books and apps are. But, in truth, nothing will improve your playing more than practice. So, do a lot of it and then do it some more. These resources offered here are meant to help that practice time payoff.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

music theory bundle

The Seven-Book eBundle

Save 40% when you purchase all Lotus Music publications at the same time. It would cost you over $66 to purchase these books separately. Get the complete library of Lotus Music books plus two bonus ebooks. Dimensions 8.5"x11."  More info

7-Book eBundle $39.95
Special Price! - Save 40%
Circle of Fifths

Circle of Fifths

This 28-page book decodes musics most famous diagram and shows how you can apply it to the real-world of creating and playing music. This book is great for beginners but presents new information helpful to intermediate and advanced players. Dimensions, 8.5"x11."  More info

eBook $6.95
music theory guide

Down & Dirty Guide to Music Theory

This 57-page book gives you the low-down on what music theory is all about. This book is designed with the beginner in mind but has information even the pros don't know. Dimensions, 8.5"x11."  More info

eBook $9.95
Music Theory and Circle of Fifths

Down & Dirty Guide with
Circle of Fifths

These two books are the recommended choice for any musician who wants to understand how music works. Purchase these two books together and save.

Special Price. Save 20%
Two eBooks $12.95
Music theory illustrated

Arpeggios Illustrated

This 32-page book offers a way for guitarists to visualize arpeggios as simple, changeable shapes that are easy to learn without tedious memorization. Its purpose is to improve your soloing and improvising skills. This book is full of illustrations and perfect for the musician who learns visually. Dimensions, 8.5"x11." More info

eBook $9.95
the FIN System

The F.I.N. System

This 44-page book shows a new and easy-to-learn system that will enable you to play any chord on demand. It will give you the fretboard knowledge you need to master your guitar.
Dimensions, 8.5"x11." 
More info

eBook $9.95
Chord inbersions

4-Note Chords & Inversions

This 40-page book shows you 12 ways to play the 13 most common chords in jazz. This book is designed to get you playing and sounding like a jazz guitarist as quick as possible. Dimensions, 8.5"x11."  More info

eBook $9.95
Chords and arpeggios

Chords & Arpeggios for the Improvisor

This 56-page book shows you five chord shapes for 36 different chords. When you consider there are 12 keys, this gives you 2,160 possible chords that you will have at your finger tips. But, it doesn't stop there. The book shows you a step-by-step way to become the improvisor you want to be. Dimensions, 8.5"x11"  More info

eBook $9.95
The stretch system

The Stretch System: Scales & Arpeggios

This 78-page book presents a way of playing the guitar that takes advantage of the natural musical layout of the fretboard which is available to only those whose hands can span four or five frets. Dimensions 8.5"x11.  More info

eBook $9.95
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