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The F.I.N. System: Play any Chord on Demand
by Tom Michero

The F.I.N. System gives you the skill to play any chord on demand without ever having seen it on a chord chart. Looking up chords in books will be a thing of the past.

This system works by taking advange of specific patterns that are repeated in music. Instead of learning hundreds of different chord names and shapes you will learn only five chords and a way to transform those chords into hundreds of variations.

The System relies on knowledge not memory to give you the kind of command of the fretboard professionals have. The System is fine for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. You do not need to be able to read music for the System to work for you.

You can master the System in a matter of days. Once you know the System you will know:


• Chords by name
• Chords by notes
• Chords by intervals
• The notes of the entire fretboard
• The name of chords you invent
• How to play chord inversions
• How to play from lead sheets
• How to play ANY chord on demand.


Never look up a chord in a book again.

This book describes the F.I.N. System in plain language. It's the perfect book for any guitarist who is serious about the art and craft of playing music. Add this book to your practice schedule. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The FIN System cover

$9.95 eBook Edition

You'll never need to look up a chord in a book again.

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