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Interactive Music Theory

A Playground Full of Musical Discovery

Welcome to the playground. The interactive diagrams presented here show important music theory concepts with which every musician should be familiar. Each concept allows you to see how it applies to a key you select.  

Everything you need from A to G>
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Choose an Interactive Diagram

Click or tap any image below to begin your adventure.

Down and Dirty Guide cover
Start Your Musical Journey Here
This Book is for Every Musician

This book shows how music works. It's short, to the point, and gives you the basic understanding of the language of music you need to know if you want to play with other musicians.

Music Theory is Real

No one except maybe Miles Davis said "music theory" limited their creativity. When you are the musician that he was, you can say that. Until then, your playing will naturally improve when you know how to put notes and chords together. This book gives you the foundation you need play and communicate your musical ideas.

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