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The Music Theory Bundle

Get All Seven eBooks for One Low Price

The seven eBooks that make up the Lotus Music Theory eBundle includes 335 pages of text and diagrams to explain how music works. This conpendium covers nearly everythig a guitarist should know about chords, arpeggios, scales, and how to play them. All eBooks are in PDF format. Downloadable at purchase. 

Topics Cover Include:

  • How music is constructed

  • Where scales and chords come from

  • Best fingering patterns for scales, arpeggios and chords

  • Chord progressions

  • Chord inversions

  • Extended meaning of the Circle of Fifths

  • Ways to visualize the fretboard

  • How transposing works

  • The trick to improvising

  • ...and more


Get a bundle. Save a bundle!

If you were to buy these eBooks separately it would cost over $65. Buying them all in the Bundle saves you $26.70.

seven-book bundle

Get all Seven eBooks

Special Bundle Price!


These are the publications included in the Music Theory eBundle.
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