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Learning to play guitar is one thing. Knowing how music works is another. If you want to BE MORE THAN A CASUAL MUSICIAN, you need to learn both. Knowing how music works will make you a better player, composer, and improvisor.


Lotus Music products present music in a VISUAL way. This graphic approach to instruction reveals important music concepts in an easy-to-understand way. These books and apps are thorough, but NOT ACADEMIC. They show just what you need to know in order to understand what online teachers are talking about and how to COMMUNICATE YOUR IDEAS to other musicians.

MUSIC THEORY for the Guitarist

– See how notes, chords and scales work together to create music –

None of this Works without Practice.

The resources that Lotus Music offers will help you learn how to improvise, play scales and chords, and reach your potential as a musician. These materials are especially helpful in understanding what the heck all those online teachers like Rick Beato talking about. That is likely the greatest value these books have. That's because you can't write poetry unless you can speak the language. Knowing musical concepts and being able to apply them to your playing and composing, will get your where you want to go. With a little knowledge, a good ear, and a lot of practice, there is nothing that will keep you from becoming the guitarist that gets invited to gigs, plays with friends, and can hold the attention of a listener.

Tom Michero

Explore Our eBook Library

These self-study books are full of illustrations to better help you gain the knowledge you need. These downloadable books provide you with many ah-ha moments as you come to understand how notes, chords and scales relate to each other to produce music.

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Music theory plus circle of fifth
Get a Solid Musical Foundation

Wondering where to start? These are the most popular books Lotus Music offers. There is something for everyone on the pages of these books. Whether you are just beginning or you are a solid, intermediate player, these books will add to your knowledge of how music works. In short, these two books will expand your musical vocabulary so you can play and speak with other musicians.

Music Theory is Real

No one except maybe Miles Davis ever said "music theory" limited their creativity. When you are the musician that he was, you can say that. Until then, your playing will naturally improve when you know how to put notes and chords together. These two books give you the foundation you need.

Purchased separately, these books would total $16.95

When purchased together for $12.95, you save over 20%.

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Chords by Key for Guitar and Piano

This 13-page resource groups the most common chords a guitarist and pianist need to know in every key. This makes it easy for you to look up chords and their fingerings. It gives you quick access to the most common chords you need to know for each key. Each page of the Chords by Key chart shows you only the chords that belong to the key you are playing in. This makes it a useful tool for creating your own chord progressions, since the chords on each page are harmonically related.

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