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Parallel Minor Scale

This section of the Harmonizer shows the comparison between the major scale and its parallel minor scale. When a natural minor scale has the same starting note as a major scale, it is said to be parallel to it.

The Natural Minor Scale

As mentioned earlier, the Aeolian mode that begins on the sixth note of the major scale is also known as the natural minor scale. When the natural minor scale shares the same notes as a major scale, it is called the relative minor to the major. On the other hand, when a minor scale starts on the same beginning note as a major scale, it is called the parallel minor to the major.

The diagram below shows how the intervals which create a natural minor scale are derived from the major scale beginning on the sixth note.

natural minor scale
The Parallel Minor

A minor scale is said to be parallel to a major scale that begins on the same note. The diagram below shows the relationship between relative minor, parallel minor, and the major scale. Note that the relative minor scale has all the same notes as the major scale, but the parallel minor does not.

parallel minor scale

Special Note: The major keys of Db, Gb, and Cb do not have a parallel minor associated with them, at least in name. The Harmonizer will display what looks like a Db and Gb minor scale, however they are not recognize according to accepted notation practice. Conversely, the minor keys of A#, D#, and G# have no parallel among the major keys.

natural minor and blues scale
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